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Where to Start

Looking for a home in Ogden is not difficult if you know what you’re looking for. Going in armed with an idea of what you should expect from a good property will help narrow down your choices until you walk into that home that’s right for you. While your recipe book for a great house depends largely upon your preferences and what you’re looking for, three main points are worth mentioning: Location, Neighborhood, and Move-In Ready. All of these things become even more attainable if you have an experienced realtor in your corner to guide you along the way.

Whether you’re moving into a home by yourself or bringing a family with you, you want a place where you feel comfortable, and not one where you end your day browsing new listings. If you’ve spent any time looking up “Houses for sale in Ogden,” you’ve probably found lots of results, but aren’t quite sure which ones have everything that a good home should.

That is why we’ve put together a simple framework to help you get started on finding your perfect property. Having this foundation will help you narrow down your choices and find your priorities, eventually giving you a better selection of homes to choose from. Ogden Real Estate is so beautiful and we want to help you find the best.

Finding The Right Location

The common mantra of real estate is “location, location, location.” Odds are you’ve heard it mentioned on TV or in movies somewhere before. While the phrase might sound stereotypical for real estate agents, it is, in fact, great home buying advice.

Look at it this way: Homes can be remodeled. You can become great friends with the neighbors around you. But something you can’t do is move the house itself if you don’t like the location.

Now, while your preferences largely influence what you find desirable in a location, it is important to keep some things in mind:

  • Proximity to shops, schools, and public transportation boost the value of residential real estate as well as commercial. In fact, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has reported that neighborhoods within walking distance of stores, parks, and other destinations are more popular than ever. This means that if you’re looking for a higher value, look for areas like these
  • Taking into consideration your drive to work and closeness to family and friends can save you emotional costs as well as financial ones. Aside from saving you on gas in the long run, being able to quickly get home to family or places where you can decompress will be a huge stress reliever as time goes on
  • If you don’t enjoy feeling cramped, then you might not want a home fit snugly between two buildings. If you much prefer a more compact set-up, then a home set apart from other homes and places might not be the best fit for you. Deciding what you want around you is a good way to narrow down your home search and help you feel more comfortable wherever you choose to live

Ogden is amazing for a number of reasons, one of which being that you’re never far from awesome destinations. There are theaters, baseball fields, and a ski resort, all within a short distance. That’s not to mention great stores and incredible dining. You deserve to own a house you love that’s in a location you love and finding the right real estate agent will help you get there.

The Importance Of A Great Neighborhood

Along with loving the location of your home, you should also love your neighborhood. Making an effort to find a good home in a good neighborhood is a choice in favor of more safety, better access to good schools, and more comfort for you and your family.

There’s an old saying in real estate that you should buy the smallest house in the nicest neighborhood you can afford. This still stands, considering that one of the most important investments you’ll ever make is where you live, and you want that investment to be one of value.

When in the market for a house, take time to drive through the neighborhoods surrounding potential properties. See what they look like on weekdays and weekends. Signs of a great neighborhood include:

  • Proximity to good schools, shops, parks, and other amenities. You’ll never want for things to do when you’re always near those things
  • Clean, well-kept yards, homes, and streets. It’s amazing how much more comfortable you feel in a neighborhood where people take care of the place where they live
  • If you feel like you could comfortably take walks without worrying about things like traffic, then that’s a good sign for the neighborhood as a whole
  • Neighbors don’t seem to cause a nuisance. Blaring music, obnoxiously loud cars, and more can grate on your ears and cause you stress

If you want to get the highest value you can for your home, then look for homes in neighborhoods where you can feel the most comfortable. Finding one is not difficult with an expert Ogden realtor on your side.

Signs Of A Move-In Ready Ogden Home

If you are ready to buy a house, then you want a house that’s ready to be bought. The last thing you want is to step into a place and immediately hear the cha-ching of your money being poured into repairs.

A move-in ready house means that the house is more than just a matter of convenience, it’s about safety as well. When you’re looking at a prospective property you should be able to find:

  • A functioning heating and cooling system
  • Up-to-date electrical wiring, outlets, and switches
  • No visible cracking or leaking anywhere

And remember, if it hasn’t been done already, you are totally in your right to ask for a home inspection. Having one performed will let you know just what the house has to offer you and whether you’re getting a good deal.

There are other things to consider when deciding if a home is move-in ready:

A Working Kitchen Saves You Money

Being without a kitchen adds up, not only in the cost of new appliances, but also in the expense of the take out food you might end up eating. Moving into a kitchen with working appliances (that aren’t on the verge of needing to be replaced) is much more cost-effective and should even be expected.

The Importance Of Windows And Natural Lighting

Windows and natural lighting have practical and emotional benefits that will not only keep you healthy, but safe as well.

  • Windows provide ventilation and a quick exit in the case of an emergency, meaning that you (and your loved ones if you’re moving with a family) can get to safety quickly
  • Having daily access to natural lighting has been proven to reduce stress, help you get better sleep at night, and gives you vitamin D. All of this keeps you happier, healthier, and more productive
  • Windows tend to make any room feel bigger, giving you the impression of more space. Feeling less cramped improves your mood and increases your motivation


When looking for a new home, a functioning bathroom should be expected. Remodels are costly, and with something as essential as a toilet and a bathtub/shower, you shouldn’t be required to install that yourself in addition to paying the price of the house as a whole.

Having a move-in ready home is exactly what it sounds like – this house is ready for you to move in as soon as possible. But spending countless hours and days going from house to house only to find that it’s missing that special something can be exhausting. That’s why you need an experienced Ogden real estate agent. That’s why you need Fresh-And-New.

Fresh-And-New Is Your Top Ogden Realtor

If you’re ready to get started on finding your Utah home, then Fresh-And-New Real Estate is your helping hand. You will have personal and professional access to a one-of-a-kind team of experienced real estate agents who know the market and know what’s hot.

But what’s even more important is that they get to know you.

You want your perfect home, and Fresh-And-New’s priority is hearing what you want and finding you a home that checks off every box on the list in a quick, efficient, and cost-effective way.

To get started on finding your new home, schedule to meet with us or give us a call at (801) 645-6468.

Your journey to your dream home starts the moment you contact Fresh-And-New.

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