Things To Know About Ogden Real Estate

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There is no doubt that Ogden is one of the best places to live in Northern Utah. With its views of the mountains in every direction and the amazing sunsets, how could you not love it. Ogden Real Estate has so much to offer for every person.

In Ogden there are a lot of amazing homes awaiting you. No matter what you are looking for there is always something for everyone.

Ogden Neighborhoods

Ogden is the perfect city for those who like their neighborhoods small and large. With its small-town feel and large population, Ogden offers something for everyone! The neighborhoods are very friendly and you can always find a small local market on every corner. Ogden prioritizes its people and their happiness, so the people make sure that everyone feels welcome. 

Types Of Homes

In Ogden you wouldn’t believe the variety of real estate. You can find a small apartment or a large 4000 sq. ft. house, or larger. The homes come in all shapes and sizes from all time periods. It is truly amazing to drive up one street and see all of the character each house has to offer. As you get up on what is called the east bench you can find some amazing houses. The streets are filled with trees and the houses tell a beautiful story. Just like any house you are able to make renovations. Making a house unique to you is so much fun so here are some resources for ogden real estate renovations.

Resources For Renovations


If you need some basic tools or some paint you can go check out walmart. There is on located in ogden on 20th and Wall at 1959 Wall Ave, Ogden, Ut 84401.

Home Depot

Home Depot has a lot to offer for all things renovating. You can replace floors, cabinets, paint, and even landscaping. Everything is reasonably priced and  will help you make your dream home better.


Located on Washington Blvd. stands Lowes Home Improvement store. Here you can find anything you will ever need to renovate or build a new house. 

Weber ReStore

If you want to shop local go check out the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. You can find any small piece of wood or furniture you will ever need. They also have opportunities for in store discounts!

South Fork Hardware

Located right next to the dinosaur park is the South Fork Hardware store. They are a local small business in northern Utah with only 5 locations. They have so much to offer and will get you any tool or supply you need.

Houses Sell Fast

Ogden Real Estate is amazing so they are always selling fast. In 2022 we have seen how fast the housing market is and Ogden is feeling it. Because of the Ogden Housing Market it is easier and harder as ever to find your dream home. A lot of houses are being listed and a lot are being sold. You have to be competitive but if you don’t feel like it your Real Estate Agent will be for you. Fresh and New Real Estate Agents have been trained to find you the best home. 

Showings Happen Fast

The Ogden Housing Market is booming right now and houses are selling fast. Because of this the showings need to happen fast. Don’t be worried though, your ogden realtor will help. 

Tips for going to ogden showings

When you are looking at a lot of houses it can be hard to remember what you like and don’t like about each one. We recommend, 

  • Go inside open minded. Remember, things can be changed with a small coat of paint or some sweat.
  • Create a Name for each house based on a feature you will remember. (if there are bright green walls nickname it the “green house” 
  • Take notes as you are walking through the house of everything you love
  • Also, take notes of the things you don’t love. If you aren’t a handy person maybe note down if the house needs too much work that you don’t have the knowledge for.
  • Communicate with your ogden realtor. They have seen hundreds of houses and can give you advice.
  • Keep an open mind about every house. It may not be love at first sight so take a minute and picture what your life could be like in that house.

Things to do in Ogden

In Ogden there are so many things to do for people of all ages. You can go enjoy the mountain range and take a hike and relax. Ogden is home to Historic 25th street that has a ton of fun shops and eateries to enjoy. As you walk up 25th street take notice of all of the old architecture. Ogden has tried to keep the character of all of the buildings. During the summers there is a farmers market that takes place on 25th street. You can come support the local vendors and embrace the small town community.

Things The Locals Love

When you move to Ogden you will quickly learn the things that all of the locals love. We have things for couples and families. 

  • You can go swimming or boating on Pineview Reservoir and enjoy the hot summer days
  • Come have fun at the local Rodeo at the Weber County Fairgrounds
  • Check out Union Station and learn about the trains that passed through Utah
  • Take the family to the center of Ogden and hit up Fat Cats arcade and iRock rock climbing
  • Lastly, you can sit back and relax while watching a movie at any of the movie theaters located in and around ogden. 

Find Your Dream Home With Fresh and New Real Estate

Don’t wait for your dream home to find you but go out and check out ogden real estate to find your dream home. Schedule a time to meet with one of our ogden realtors and talk about what you want in a home. We can work with you throughout the whole process of finding your dream home. 

If you are ready to find your Ogden home contact us today!

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