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If you want to build your life in an amazing city, then you’ll find your chance in Bountiful. Located not far away from Salt Lake City, you’ll always be within close range of great opportunities and wonderful experiences. Located directly against the feet of the Wasatch Mountains, not only are there loads of great activities to do, but there are also beautiful sights to see.


Moving to Bountiful is a great decision! Here we’ve included several details worth knowing if you’re planning on buying or renting a home there.


Bountiful Demographics

Bountiful is located in Davis County and sports a population of 43,849, up nearly 13k in the last 50 years and making it the 21st largest city in Utah and the 894th largest in the country. With an area of 13 square miles, Bountiful’s population density hovers around 3,321 people per square mile.


The average household income hovers around $100k annually. Rental costs surround $1,000 monthly with the median house value hanging near $316k. There’s about a 75% home ownership rate with a 25% rental rate. The average age of Bountiful residents is about 33 years old.


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What’s The Weather Like In Bountiful?

The climate of Bountiful is mild, without much in the extreme. Summers rarely top 90 degrees with evenings occasionally falling as low as the mid-60s. Springs and falls find a nice balance between warm and cool, and are always colorful and pretty.


Come wintertime, due to its proximity to the mountains and the Great Salt Lake, you can expect wet and snowy weather with temperatures falling to the 20s. It’s not uncommon to see 50+ inches of snow during the winter months.

Bountiful Neighborhoods

Much of Bountiful is built on the sides of the Wasatch Mountains, with homes developed on the slanting feet.

  • You can find both Maple Ridge and Stone Ridge neighborhoods along the crest of the mountainsides
  • Canyon Crest floating along the base. From these plateaus, you get a unique view of the city and the Salt Lake Valley as a whole.
  • To the west is Downtown Bountiful, where you’ll find Bountiful Acres.
  • Head north and you’ll find the quiet neighborhood of North Hillsdale.

Bountiful ranks 23rd on the list of Utah’s safest cities. You can’t go wrong searching for a home here.

Schools In Bountiful Are Top Rated

Bountiful falls in one of the top-rated school districts in the state, the Davis School District. It boasts two high schools, Bountiful High and Viewmont High, both of which rank within the top 10 in all of Utah.


Bountiful also offers a few junior highs and elementary schools. Though there are no colleges or universities in the city itself, you can find the University of Utah, Salt Lake Community College, Ensign College, or Weber State University all nearby.


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