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Centerville, Utah is an amazing place. Located within close proximity to many other famous Utah cities, you are never far from great adventures and hometown comforts. With great, safe neighborhoods, nearness to great eateries and stores, as well as constant access to entertainment and fun, you can always enjoy the comfort and security that comes with the city.


If you’re looking for a home in Centerville and want more information about what to expect, then read on. We’ll cover briefly the origin, demographics, and what to find in this awesome city.


Centerville Comes By Its Name Honestly

At the time of its founding, Centerville was known by a couple different appellations, both Deuel Settlement and later Cherry Creek. But by 1850, it received the official name by which it is known today, Centerville, because of the realization that it was located directly between Farmington and Bountiful.


When you live in Centerville, Ut, you are within reach of many other equally amazing Utah cities and towns, bordered on all sides by Bountiful, Clearfield, Farmington, Layton, Morgan, Kaysville, North Salt Lake, and Woods Cross.


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Centerville Demographics

Centerville has grown steadily since its founding, especially in recent years. In the last 50 years alone, the population jumped from 3.3k people to a current population of 17,329 as of 2022, making it the 52nd largest city in Utah.


The median age in Centerville is around 37 years old, with the average household income ranging at the $115,000 mark.


Centerville is also currently seeing an 84% rate of home ownership with the median home listing price at around $490k. Around 16% are renting, and the median rental costs hanging around $1.1k.


How Safe Are Centerville Neighborhoods?

The city of Centerville is currently listed as the 39th safest city in Utah with a crime rate that is 31% lower than the national standard and “violent” crime rate that is 69% lower than the national standard. The numbers show that Centerville is a very safe place to plant your stakes.


This city boasts great neighborhoods, with beautiful homes to offer. Just a couple in particular are:


If you’re looking for a great Centerville home, you’re bound to find one here. The city itself covers an area of 6 square miles, and offers a wide variety of great schools and convenient places to shop, such as a Target and a Walmart, as well as being in close proximity to Station Park in Farmington.


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What To Expect From Centerville Weather

Centerville jumps into each season with both feet. During the summers you’ll experience the warmth and dryness that is typical of Utah with average temperatures ranging anywhere from 60-90 degrees. The winters tend to experience a lot of snowfall with sometimes freezing temperatures. Springs and falls tend to be much more mild, finding the happy medium between their alternating co-seasons.


Centerville Entertainment

In Centerville, you’ll never be bored. Not only are there great places to eat, but you are also in close proximity to great sources of entertainment. For example:

  • The Centerpointe Theater: Centerville is proud to call this community theater home, featuring all star musicals and plays that will have you laughing, crying, and humming show-tunes all the way home. Come visit this amazing stage and prepare for an evening of enjoyment.
  • The Centerville Megaplex: Catch a movie up on the silver screen and never miss out on all the brand new releases. Enjoy fresh popcorn, comfortable seats, and immersive sound without having to venture too far from home.
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