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Not far from Ogden, you’ll find the wonderful city of Roy, Utah. Combining a great setting with beautiful homes and an awesome community, anyone would be proud to live there.


Discover Which Roy Neighborhood Is Right For You

They say the three most important rules of real estate are Location, Location, Location. That holds true in Roy just as much as anywhere else. Thankfully, there are so many amazing neighborhoods to be found in this awesome city. Here we’ve listed just a couple, but feel free to explore:

  • Cozydale: If you are looking to settle down in a classic suburban neighborhood, look no further than the Cozydale neighborhood. This quiet community is made up of older homes that were built between 1970-2000, which give it an authentic laidback feel with charm galore! Here is the place where you can just enjoy the simple pleasures of life in a friendly area.
  • City Center: Homebuyers in this Roy neighborhood, near the heart of the city, are paying a premium for homes that offer excellent schools and plenty of space. With prices averaging over $200K, these properties represent some serious value compared to other areas around town! Most houses here have 3-4 bedrooms with construction dates after 1940 so they’re not only spacious but also timeless too.
  • Crestwood Estates: If you’re looking for a new home with plenty of space, this might be the development right up your alley. With large plots and wide streets that are safe to walk on at any time day or night; there’s no reason not too take advantage! Homes start around $250k but can go higher depending upon what features one desires (such as custom architectural designs).
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What To Expect From Roy Weather

Weather in Roy is fair, though with a pretty wide range. Generally it averages between 23 degrees and 91 degrees fahrenheit. Summers are warm with relatively little rain, while winters are pretty cold and see an average of 32 inches of snow per year. Springs are beautiful and the colors of fall might just increase your desire to put on a coat and spend time outside.


What Is The Average Income In Roy?

The median household income in Roy is approximately $70,032, making it nearly $20k higher than the median income of the United States as a whole. The economy in Roy, UT is thriving with 19k people employed. The largest industries are Manufacturing (2,890), Retail Trade (4,101), Public Administration & Safety Aid (2,265). And the highest paying jobs available go to those who work as utility employees earning $68,697 annually or transportation/warehouse workers making $55,484 dollars yearly.

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Here’s the deal: when it comes to discovering your new home, you deserve to feel like your voice matters. That’s why when you meet with one of our experienced realtors, we make an effort to get to know you and what you want in a house. That way your needs become a priority when it comes to the homebuying experience.


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