5 Tips For Moving Into A Utah House (And 5 For After You Move In)

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Moving into a new home can be confusing. There might be so many things on your list that you don’t even know where to begin. And after you’ve gotten all the boxes loaded into the new house, it is easy to feel like you’re forgetting something. We get it. We’ve been there. That’s why we’ve listed 5 tips for moving in and 5 tips after the boxes are unloaded, so that you can get off to the right start.

5 Tips For Before You Move In

1. Have A Home Inspection Done

Home inspections are awesome. They are a relatively simple way to give you peace of mind when looking at a new home, by serving three main purposes:

  • It makes sure you’re safe
  • It helps you save money
  • You can get the freedom to walk away

When buying a new home, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. You should have an inspection done before closing on the property so there are no surprises later down the line with hidden hazards or serious safety issues that could cost more than just money if left unchecked.

Not only can you demand that the current owners or landlords take care of what comes up, but most home inspections allow for a clause in which a potential buyer can walk away penalty-free if they don’t like what they hear.

2. Change Your Address

If you have not yet changed the address on file with any mail carriers, then you should at least two weeks before you move. The best place to do this is to go to the official USPS change of address form on their website.

You should also let friends and family know where things will be going from here – including subscriptions services or places where you frequently online shop. And of course anyone else who sends frequent correspondence is going to need to know, otherwise they might be surprised when they get a “return to sender” stamp on their envelopes and packages.

3. Have A “First Day” Box

Odds are you’re not going to get everything unpacked the first day (unless you have very, very minimal belongings). So it’s always wise to pack a “first day” box. Inside will be the essentials to tide you over before you can really start unpacking and furnishing your home, without having to dig through countless boxes and make a mess.

Just a few things to include could be:

  • Toiletries
  • Changes of clothes
  • Electronics chargers
  • Some food
  • Paper plates, cups, and silverware

Basically you just need enough to get you, as the name suggests, through your “first day.”

4. Start Fresh

Moving is an amazing time to clear away all the junk you don’t need anymore. If you have tons of clothes you’ve been looking for an excuse to clear away, then by all means, clear it away. If you realize you don’t need that recliner anymore because you have two more already, then move it out. 

You can give things to your friends and family, or even hold a yard sale in order to bring in a little extra cash for your move.

5. Make A Plan

Organization will spare you many a headache. Arrange who is going to help you move, when you’d like to be out, where things should go. Make a plan for who will take what where. Have some idea of which rooms to place things when you arrive so that unpacking will be even easier.

Take stock of what is actually going to need to be done. Will your first order of business be to simply unload? Or do you have some first steps even before that?

And let’s not forget that all-important question:

What’s for lunch?

5 Tips For After You Move In

1. Change Your Locks

Almost any realtor or home buying site will give you the same advice. Because here’s the deal: just because the key was handed to you, doesn’t mean that was ALL the keys. We’re not saying this to be ominous or anything like that, but it’s the truth.

There’s a chance that the previous owner had given spares to a family member, friend, or neighbor as a backup in case the original was lost.

So make sure to call a locksmith within a little while of moving in, or change it yourself if you feel comfortable enough doing so.

2. Do A Deep Clean

Odds are the previous owner did one already, but better safe than sorry. Before and after you’ve unpacked, don’t hesitate to wipe things down and vacuum. Mop and sweep your floors, especially as so much going in and out to load and unload boxes is most likely going to track a lot of dust in.

3. Child/Pet-Proof Your Home

This one falls under the “if necessary” column, but is an important one if it does happen to be necessary. Most likely, the previous owner didn’t do that work for you, unless the previous owner did have kids or pets and decided to leave their “proofing” stuff behind.

Decide what you need and get it in place. The peace of mind and assurance of safety is worth the time and trouble right off the bat. If you need a gate for the stairs, get it up. Where sharp corners need to be covered, cover them. If you need child locks, get child locks. This will protect both your children and the four-legged members of your family.

4. Find The Fuse-Box/Water Valve

Standard safety procedure – know where the important switches are. In case of an emergency, whether earthquake, power outage, flooding, or something similar, you’re going to need to know how to get there and get there fast.

Not just for emergencies, but also standard repairs, knowing the location of these things is both a matter of safety and convenience. You don’t want to work on your lighting fixtures with your electricity still on. You definitely don’t want to be working on your pipes and have someone upstairs flush – yuck.

5. Meet The Neighbors

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, meeting your neighbors is going to need to happen. These are the people you’ll quite literally be next to for the duration of your stay in your house (or the duration of the stay in theirs), so you might as well get to know them. It would be rather awkward to be living in your house for a few months before you finally learn their names.

Not just meeting the people, it’s important to familiarize yourself. Look around, get used to driving the area, if you’re not already. See what’s around you. Maybe there was a restaurant you love that you hadn’t even noticed was nearby or perhaps you find there’s a park right in the same neighborhood where your kids can play. If you’re going to live there, it’s encouraged that you know the place well.

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