4 Ways To Prepare To Buy A Home

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Home buying is one of the most exciting yet stressful times of anyone’s life. It is considered a rite of passage of adulthood and independence from renting for many. A place to call your own sounds great, but what do new home buyers need to know to make the process less stressful and better prepared? Here is some advice to consider before starting your home search for Uintah real estate:

Decide What You Want and Need 

Before looking at houses available, determine what type of house you need to be searching for. What is it that you want your new home to provide for you? Having this will significantly assist your realtor in finding suitable homes for you to choose from on which ones you would like to see and skip. Things to consider when you are deciding your needs and wants are:

  • How large of a home would you like? There are a few things to consider when answering this question, how many square feet is enough, too little, or too much. When considering the size of your home, consider the costs to maintain it and how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need to accommodate your family. Do you need a certain amount of bedrooms for your children or guests to stay in? Always remember extra bathrooms are always a benefit! Don’t forget to look at kitchen and living room sizes, too!
  • Is this long-term or short-term? How long do you plan on living in your new home? Will you be there for the foreseeable future or a starter home for the next few years? Buying a new home or one that you can fix up is a great way to earn money by either selling it or renting it out after you have moved to a different home. 
  • Yards, garages, patios, and more. What type of entertaining would you like to have in your new home? A large yard, patio, or deck can be a great way to entertain and expand your space for dining, relaxing and more. When considering your garage size, think about vehicles and other things you might want to store in the garage, for example, boats, RVs, and other fun recreational vehicles.

Get Your Finances in Order 

New home buyers need to ensure that they are financially stable before getting too involved in looking for a new home. Being economically secure includes being pre-approved for your mortgage and having a lender you trust.

In addition to being pre-approved new home buyers need to write out their budget before and after their new home purchase. When figuring out how much you can afford after purchasing a home, don’t forget to add up things like water, sewer, home insurance, homeowner fees, etc. Be sure to include a plan to add to your savings for house incidentals. At a minimum, begin with whatever your house deductible may be and increase it from there. 

Find a Trustworthy Uintah Real Estate Agent 

Find a realtor who will listen to your wishes, wants, and concerns, without giving pressure or being dismissive. A good realtor will be fair and knowledgeable about the process and able to explain it to you without being dismissive.

On the journey to finding the right home to purchase, you will likely need to see more than one house, and it might be many more than one. It will depend on what specifics you want and the current market. Since you will be hanging out with your realtor as you visit these different open houses or tours, the entire process will be easier and more enjoyable, if you mesh well with your realtor. 

Where Will Be Best to Call Home

Location, location, location… What location is best for your new home? There are several things to consider when thinking about the location. The location of your new home will affect your comfort, function, and enjoyment. When considering a home, pull up the address on Google Maps and look around its surroundings. Consider these factors when determining the location of your future home:

  • What is nearby? If you need or want to be able to walk to places, then prioritize that with your realtor. Walking to nearby schools, churches, stores, museums, hospitals, and parks can be a great benefit to making your new house feel like a home. Make sure the things you value and require are accessible.
  • What type of internet providers are available? Having dependable internet is essential to many people for several reasons, such as work, gaming, streaming, etc. Be sure that your present internet provider can either be active in your new home or can be installed.
  • How far away are the places you go to often? Will you need to drive, walk or ride to work or maybe be able to take the train to and from? How long of a commute are you comfortable with having? Check to make sure that your potential new home will accommodate your work to provide the best work-life balance possible.
  • What aesthetics are you desiring? What kind of view would you like to have from your home? Mountains, city lights, water, a quaint neighborhood? When considering how you want your home to look, consider the sound and light pollution potential. Visit your potential new home at different times of day to see what might change. Is there a lot of traffic or train noises? What is the foot and car traffic level coming and going around your home? Is it convenient, an annoyance, or no big deal? Additionally, your home’s curb appeal may also be essential for you. Do you want space to have a garden or a cute white picket fence?

Thankfully, there are lots of options in Uintah real estate that are perfect for home buyers! You can take advantage of the small town amenities without giving up the convenience that comes with big towns.

Fresh and New Are Your Uintah Real Estate Experts

Utah is a booming real estate market; selecting the right realtor to guide and support you is crucial. Not only to simplify the entire home buying process but also to make sure that you are making the right informed decisions that will protect your financial interests. Fresh and New Real Estate is the perfect place to start your journey to being a new home buyer!

Find your dream home today!

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