3 Exciting Things To Do In Ogden, Utah

things to do in Ogden Utah

How to Enjoy Ogden

If you’re wanting to do something fun with your family, looking for a good date night, or just are in need of fun, then Ogden, Utah is the place. Combining dining, entertainment, shopping, as well as Weber State University, Ogden provides a myriad of opportunities for good times. You don’t have to venture far to find something exciting or interesting.

Catch A Sports Game

Sports has been a form of bonding for generations, the love of the game passed along with every new generation. Family and friends, regardless if they root for the same teams or not, have found unity and community in getting together to watch two teams going head-to-head.

If you’re looking for a fun activity, then you might just enjoy catching some of Ogden’s home teams. During the summer and fall, there are multiple opportunities to get to a stadium with those you love.

Ogden Raptors Baseball

Lindquist Field on Lincoln Avenue is proud to be the home of the Ogden Raptors, and what a place it is. Looking onward from the stands, you can enjoy America’s Pastime on warm summer evenings against the backdrop of the Wasatch Mountains. Aside from getting a great game, you’ll feel the sense of community among the fans, playing games between innings and rooting for the home team.

Weber State Sports

Weber State University makes its home right in Ogden, meaning you’re not far from college football, basketball, and more. You can join in on the Wildcat Pride as you watch them face up against other universities from across the nation. In a recent Stats Perform preseason poll, Weber ranked number 6 in the nation, meaning that if you’re looking for a great team, then find your way to a Weber State game. 

Experience The Art & Culture Of Ogden

Ogden has proven itself to be a hub for artists, made evident by countless murals and art pieces located on walls and street corners throughout the city. You can appreciate the craftsmanship and talent of artists, actors, musicians, and more across a wide array of venues and settings, meaning there’s something for everyone.

Catch A Show At One Of Ogden’s Live Theaters

  • The Ziegfeld Theater: This 250-seat theater brings both new and classic shows to life in an intimate setting. They run their theater on the motto of “Professional Quality, Community Spirit,” driving them to give you a great performance and treat you like family every time you walk through their doors.
  • Beverly’s Terrace Plaza Playhouse: If you’re looking for a theater that feels like home, then find your way to this one. For over 30 years, Beverly’s has made it their mission to provide family-friendly entertainment that will have you coming back again and again. Just recently, they turned non-profit and have undergone renovations both inside and out, bringing a whole new look with the same classic spirit of community that they’ve become known for.
  • Peery’s Egyptian Theater: Built during the Egyptian Craze of the 1920s, following the discovery of King Tut, the Egyptian Theater brings a unique and altogether visually stunning flair to Downtown Ogden. Well-established, they know what makes a good show and work it. Not to mention, being located where it is, you are never far from delicious eateries, making this theater a great date night venue

Dive Into The Art Scene

  • Historic 25th Street: In spite of an origin as Ogden’s seedy side, even called “Salt Lake City’s devious little sister,” 25th Street has now cleaned up its act to become a hub for art, dining, and enough fun to attract approximately a million visitors annually. On 25th Street alone you can catch three art galleries (Gallery 25, the Monarch, and the Bella Muse Gallery), each one unique and might just spark an interest in even the most jaded art critic
  • The 9 Rails Creative District: Defined as the area from 24th Street to 26th Street, the 9 Rails Creative District was established to help the community become more involved in art and, yes, creativity by making a place where artists can be seen and supported. It’s name is a homage to Ogden’s heritage as a railroad town, eventually a meeting place for nine different rail lines, but also hearkens to the 9 Muses of Greek Mythology, each of whom represented a different form of artistic expression.
  • The First Friday Art Stroll: On the first Friday of every month, from 6-9 pm, Ogden highlights hundreds of artists and galleries from Union Station all the way to Weber State University. Over the course of the evening, you’ll get a taste of great music, artists, exhibits, food, and a feeling of Ogden’s tight-knit community. Fall in love with art all over again as you support local artists, by treating yourself to a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Don’t Just Learn History, Live It

History isn’t boring, you just have to learn it in a way that’s unique to you. Ogden charges to the future by making sure its roots are constantly strong, and you get to experience that by simply being there.

Historic 25th Street

Not just a center for artists, 25th Street is a historical fountain which people are still benefiting from today. Ogden flourished when the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railways connected, earning it the nickname Junction City. In the wake of its growth, a number of characters found their way to the west, some esteemed and others not so much, and 25th Street became the gathering point.

But though the city grew a reputation for being rough (even Al Capone supposedly commented that Ogden was too wild for him), 25th Street offered opportunities for businesses, restaurants, and good times.

While Ogden has since shrugged off its claim to seediness, 25th Street’s offer of great food, entertainment, shopping, and fun has only grown so that today, you can always find something worth going back to again and again.

Fort Buenaventura

When the first European settlers arrived in Ogden, they established Fort Buenaventura. The fort, completed in 1846 under the direction of Miles Goodyear, spans 26 acres in the middle of Ogden City and resides two miles south from the Ogden River.

This settlement still stands today and is open to the public, offering camping, an immersive view of life in the 1800s, and just recently opened an 18-hole disc golf course. Here you can relax and take opportunities to catch a glimpse of a time when mountain men roamed the untamed landscape, fishing and hunting, trading with the Native American tribes, and coming to love the land.

If you want to teach your family to love the outdoors and history, then you’ll love Fort Buenaventura.

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